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Welcome to the FitBUX Physical Therapy Community. This community is a place for physical therapy professionals and students to read and write industry related articles as well as find other industry resources. Our parent website, FitBUX, provides DPTs and SPTs a free analysis of their student loans and finances using our one-of-a-kind technology.

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Top 10 things to know Post Graduation

10 Things I Learned In My First Year As A Physical Therapist

By Dr. Meghan Wieser, PT, DPT Now this may not be an exhaustive list but there are a great deal of things I’ve learned over ...
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Chronic Pain

Healing and Staying Strong After a Chronic Pain Diagnosis

By: Jackie Waters Sometimes life hands us difficult challenges. There is no preparation for the most difficult of them; we can only accept and maintain ...
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The right physical therapy school

3 Reasons Attending The Right Physical Therapy School is Crucial

Guest Article By Chris Foerster. Chris has no affiliation to FitPT or FitBUX. Are you planning on becoming a successful physical therapist? Congratulations! You’ve chosen ...
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Healthcare Behavior

Healthcare Behavior?

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX I recently attended the Ascend Conference in Washington D.C.  One talk in particular got me thinking and I ...
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Physical Therapist Work In School Loan Repayment For Physical Therapist

Can You Work During PT School?

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX When FitBUX discusses physical therapy student loan repayment with SPTs, we are consistently asked, “What is the best ...
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Poll: Can You Work During PT School?

We often times get asked by current and perspective SPTs if it is possible to work during school.  We figured the best way to answer ...
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Habit Hacked Podcast Physical Therapy Blogs and Podcast

Habit Hacking Financial Mindset

In this episode Alex interviews Will Butler and CEO of FitBUX Joseph Reinke about their entrepreneurial ventures and how they have managed risk and wealth ...
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Fairytale physical therapy

Interview With Fairytale Physical Therapy Founders

We at FitBUX are constantly amazed by the creativeness and "outside-the-box" thinking that we see on a daily basis from SPTs and Fresh PTs.  Today ...
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Student Physical Therapist NPTE Credit Card Debt

All Student Physical Therapists Should Be Aware Of This

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX, Inc. Student loans are a hot topic in many student physical therapist ("SPTs") and Fresh DPTs minds.  Over ...
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Heidi Jannenga WebPT Physical Therapy

Interview With WebPT Co-Founder Heidi Jannenga

We are very thankful to Heidi Jannenga, Co-founder of WebPT, to make the time for this interview.  She provides great insight to all aspiring PTs ...
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Greg Todd Physical Therapy Builder

Human Capital Conversation With Greg Todd & Joseph Reinke

Joseph Reinke, CEO of FitBUX, joins the legendary Greg Todd from Physical Therapy Builder.  In this podcast Greg and Joe discuss human capital and what ...
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The Knowbodies PT Podcast & Blog

The Knowbodies Budgeting Podcast w. FitBUX CEO Joseph Reinke

FitBUX CEO and Founder Joseph Reinke, CFA joins the Knowbodies in a unique podcast about budgeting (click here to go to the podcast). How to ...
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California Outreach Challenge Physical Therapist

Interview With Matt Downey About The California Outreach Challenge

The following is an interview with Matt Downey and the California Outreach Program.  Matt is a SPT at Long Beach State.  In addition, Matt is ...
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How to pay for physical therapy school

How To Pay For PT School

Our parent company, FitBUX, often gets asked about ways to pay for physical therapy school.  Rush Hendricks of Rush PT and Zach Boyd (@zach_m_boyd) discuss ...
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Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast

Interview With Pelvic Health Specialist: Sandy Hilton

Today we are interviewing Sandy Hilton, PT, DPT, MS. Sandy is the co-host of the Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast.  She is an international instructor, ...
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The Knowbodies PT Podcast & Blog

The Knowbodies Podcast w. FitBUX CEO Joseph Reinke

FitBUX CEO and Founder Joseph Reinke, CFA joins the Knowbodies in a unique podcast.  During the podcast they walk through a real case study illustrating ...
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Michelle Wynne Student CSULB DPT Program APTASA BoD

Interview With CSULB SPT & APTASA BoD Secretary

This interview is part of FitPTs interview series.  A big "Thank You!" to Michelle Wynne, SPT for taking the time to participate in the interview.  ...
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physical therapy student loan payments

LA Times Highlights Why You Should Contact FitBUX

The Los Angeles Times recently published an article exposing a handful of major faults that occur with Federal student loan servicers. Many borrowers detect these ...
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Health Grad phyical therapy blog and podcast

4 Tips to Leverage Mentorship During Your First Clinical Affiliation

By: Mathew Hilton, MS, SPT, Founder of Health Grad Advantage As a student in your first clinical affiliation, it is normal to feel uneasy. This ...
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Physical Therapy Leadership

The Disconnect Between SPTs and Employers

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX One of the primary components that sets FitBUX apart from other finance companies is the inclusion of human ...
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Glute exercises at home

Six Effective Exercises To Target Your Glutes

This article is written by our good friends at EducateDPT Joey Masri, PT, DPT, Phillip Van Dyke, PT, DPT, CSCS, and Vinh Vuong, PT, DPT ...
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Healthy-Wealthy-Smart-Podcast Physical Therapy blogs and Podcasts

Healthy, Wealthy, Smart Podcast with FitBUX Founder

FitBUX founder and CEO, Joseph Reinke, joins Karen Litzy on her Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart Podcast to discuss: - Why FitBUX is in the business ...
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PT PintCast Physical Therapy Blogs & Podcasts

FitBUX On PT Pintcast

 Grab your favorite beer and listen to FitBUX CEO, Joseph Reinke, discuss student loans with host Jimmy McKay, DPT on episode 90. Free Personalized Repayment ...
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Student Loan Grace period

Sex Education vs. Financial Education

By Joseph Reinke, CFA CNN recently published an article with the headline: Sex Ed. Is Required.  Why Isn't Financial Education?  We at FitBUX often times ...
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APTA Membership Benefits

APTA Membership Benefits

By Matt Mastenbrook, SPT Washington University in St. Louis When I first started creating the APTA Membership Benefit of the Week postings, I was intending ...
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APTA House Of Delegates

APTA House of Delegates

by Rachel Jermann, SPT (@RJGotAGoni) The APTA House of Delegates convened on June 6-8, 2016 at the Opryland Convention Center in Nashville, TN, just prior ...
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DPT School Rankings

PTs Helping Inform Future PTs

By Cindy Hon, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT Background At FitBUX, we are building financial tools specific to physical therapist.  One of these tools is ...
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physical therapy student loan

Physical Therapy Student Loans: RC 11-16

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO and Founder of FitBUX Physical therapy student loan debt is a topic of concern for all SPTs and DPTs who ...
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Plank exercise

Making Your Plank More Effective

By Michael Lau of ThePreHabGuys.  This article was originally published at Human Performance Therapy. What is the core? Before we dive into advanced plank progressions, ...
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Physical therapy exercise

Bad Exercises: Fact or Fiction?

By Michael Lau of ThePrehabGuys The following article was originally published at Human Performance Therapy. What do you think? Is there anything such as bad ...
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Becoming a Mentor

Role Reversal… Being the Mentor (& some tips)

by Cindy Hon, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT One year ago I was the mentee being mentored, and this spring I was the mentor mentoring ...
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Opioid Usage

Your Thoughts On Opioids

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, Founder of FitBUX In March, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) released new guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic ...
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DPT School Rankings

Poll: US News DPT School Rankings

US News recently released their Physical Therapy school rankings…What do you think of them???? Related Post Making Your PT School Experience Better The University of ...
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Physical Therapy Student Loan Debt Help

Physical Therapy Student Loan Help

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX We often hear that planning for retirement early is key.  However, often before we start saving we have ...
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student loan repayment

Student Loan Repayment Flexibility

by Cindy Hon, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT Over the last few weeks, I am hearing more and more horrifying student loan numbers from my ...
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Physical Therapy Blogs and Podcast

Look who WON our APTA CSM raffle!

We had such a great time at this year’s APTA CSM, from the exhibitors to the programming, and learning to live tweet from the programming ...
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Physical Therapy Mentor

Are you REALLY ready for a Mentor?

By Josh Fede, PT, DPT Last Wednesday night I was finishing up some notes and reflecting on a couple patients. I was reflecting on my ...
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Chance to win $100 at 2016 APTA CSM

Stop by the FitBUX booth (1935) to sign up for our raffle. Five (5) individuals will have a chance to win $100 to pay down ...
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PT Career Advice

Some College PT Career Questions Answered

by Cindy Hon, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT A few weeks ago, one of my prior patients asked me if I would answer some questions ...
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Going to 2016 APTA CSM?

The 2016 APTA CSM in Anaheim, CA is about 1 week away ...
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Affects of Posture

The Affects of Posture

Posture affects standing, and not just the physical kind. Slouching can have ill effects on body and state of mind. But with some solid effort, ...
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An Example of Human Capital Using PTs

I’ve been reading and writing about Human Capital in a few of my last few posts.  Click here to have a better understanding of what ...
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Sports phyiscal therapy section team concept conference

The “Rookie” Experience at the Sports Physical Therapy Section Team Concept Conference (TCC)

By: Keiko Imazumi-Tang, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS When I signed up for TCC as a first time attendee, I was expecting it to be like ...
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Mike Pascoe’s Why Tweet

This is a great resource not only for those who are currently in PT school, but for all of us since we’re always “students” of ...
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Is Running Good or Bad For People With Osteoporosis?

The New York Times recently published an article asking the question “If running is good or bad for people with osteoporosis?”  What do physical therapist ...
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Making Your PT School Experience Better

The University of Purdue and Gallup recently released a report that highlights the relationship between student debt, experience, and perceptions of college worth.  The report ...
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Pay for Quality

The Move to Pay-For-Quality

The following article was published by Brooke Andrus on WebPT.  The original can be viewed by clicking here. Your mission, should you choose to accept ...
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Chronic Pain

Not Helping a Partner with Chronic Pain May Be the Quickest Road to Recovery

This article was originally posted on  Click here to view the original post. Chronic pain – pain persisting for more than three months, or ...
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Catastrophic Thinking

When Pain on the Left Causes Pain on the Right

The post When pain on the left causes pain on the right appeared first on Body in Mind. My recent Journal of Pain article (Niederstrasser ...
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Physical Therapist Human Capital

Human Capital – What?!?

Exactly… What is human capital?  What does that even mean?  And why are we even talking about a finance term on a PT website?  If ...
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